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Service World 2023: Top Insights and Actionable Strategies

ServiceWorld Key takeaways and Insights

Our amazing client and friend, the owner of a reputable plumbing company, recently attended Service World 2023 and came back with a wealth of knowledge. This event proved to be an invaluable learning opportunity where they can actively absorb strategies to elevate their business practices. Here are the primary insights they gathered and shared with us. Beyond grateful for this!


Vacation as PTO | Prioritizing rest for employees ensures better productivity and job satisfaction.

Gamified Productivity | Just like in video games, employees can earn points by achieving milestones, enhancing motivation.

Flexible Scheduling | It might be beneficial to revisit work schedules. Is a 4-day workweek feasible? What about alternating weekends?

Reward and Recognition | Establish an awards program that recognizes and celebrates employees. Inclusivity is key; get feedback on the award categories they'd value most.

Training | Regular training sessions are imperative. It's crucial to keep negativity and distractions out of these sessions.

Communication: Start 'Tech Talk' during meetings to foster community and facilitate information sharing


Processes and Productivity | Regularly assess and adapt company processes. Identify and address any bottlenecks.


Engaging Customers | If using a sewer camera, involve customers by letting them watch and share observations. This builds trust and transparency.

Gender Sensitivity | For women customers, maintain eye contact and be mindful of their comfort and safety.

Service Assurance | Offer guarantees like the "Lifetime Level Guarantee" and the promise of the "Forever System."

Follow-ups | It’s essential to track customer recommendations and ensure that there are regular follow-ups.

Feedback & Accountability | Remember the adage, "Inspect what you expect." Regularly seek feedback and be accountable for the services provided.


Pricing Strategy | Consider posting pricing details online, preferably with Google. This offers transparency and builds trust.

Digital Platforms | Utilize platforms like Spartan Vision app and TikTok for branding, especially to target technicians.

Website Imagery| A truck, representing your service on-the-go, should be a prominent feature on the homepage.

ENGAGE & ASK | Always encourage feedback. Phrases like "...what is it you need from us?" can be powerful.


Organizational Learning | Embrace a culture of continuous learning. The cycle of unlearning old habits, learning new skills, and leaving obsolete practices is essential.

Value-driven Operations | Understand what freedom means to employees, whether it’s time for travel, family, or self. Ensure that your company’s vision accommodates these aspirations.

Daily Engagement | Face-to-face meetings, even if brief, can enhance camaraderie. Tools like Marco Polo can assist with this.

Positive Reinforcement | Celebrate 'Thankful November' by encouraging employees to list things they’re grateful for. A simple post-it note can do wonders for morale.

Empathy | Treat people how THEY want to be treated, emphasizing individualized care.

At Marketing with a Flair, our commitment is to empower the home services industry, turning knowledge into actionable strategies for holistic growth. Dr. Anissa Villegas wrote this article drawing from the experiences of our valued clients and friends. As we journey together, our goal is to create a relationships where shared wisdom elevates us all. Let's harness these strategies, refine our approach, and foster an environment of excellence and growth, together. If you're looking to further fine-tune your business strategy or understand the ever-evolving landscape of the home service marketing, we're just a call away.


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