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Key Insights from "Crushing the Sale: A Roundtable of the Nation's Top Performing Sales People"

#Pantheon2023 Crushing the Sale: Andy Hobaica Roundtable of the Nation's Top Performing Sales People

Journey to the Top: Success in the trades requires hard work, determination, and a commitment to purpose. The theme of the ServiceTitan’s 2023 Pantheon emphasized the importance of these qualities. The following are Key Insights from "Crushing the Sale: A Roundtable of the Nation's Top Performing Sales People"

Customer-Centric Approach with Andy Hobaica: The session kicked off with Andy Hobaica leading a team-building chant and emphasizing a customer-centric approach. “I'm alive, I’m awake and I feel GREAT!” The key takeaway is to build trust and strong relationships with customers. Show up to do your role 100% Stop selling and start helping by educating and demonstrating care.

Lead from the Front: Leadership matters. When the team sees that you genuinely care about their well-being, they are more motivated to provide better service.

Be Likable, Be a Friend: Andy suggests that the best salespeople are the most likable people in town. Building friendships rather than transactional relationships allows customers to feel overwhelmed in a positive way, fostering trust.

Avoid Sales Jargon: Abandon the traditional sales book language and use layman terms that customers can relate to.

Involve the Customer: Show customers how to use their equipment and invite them to join you for a walk-around safety inspection. This creates an engagement level that is unmatched.

Leverage Video Content: A video walk-through or even video texts can provide a personalized touch that beats the average sales pitch.

Small Acts Matter: Offering additional services like bringing in the trash, changing light bulbs, or even a "shelf grab" service adds a personal touch and increases likability.

Energy Matching and Authenticity: Meet customers where they are emotionally and offer a level of authenticity that helps people feel comfortable and understood.

Defend the Customer’s Checkbook: Operate with the customer’s financial well-being in mind. They'll see you more as a friend than just a salesperson. Give them options not ultimatums.

Self-Awareness in Teams: Encourage team members to answer questions about their strengths and weaknesses. This creates a culture of continuous improvement and self-awareness.

You Can’t Train Likability: Andy pointed out that you can't train someone to be likable; it has to come naturally. You can train on technical elements of the trades but not on being a genuine person. That has to come from within.

The overall theme is that customer-centric sales, authenticity, and small acts of kindness can go a long way in crushing sales targets. Stop selling and start helping. Your sales team should aim not just to do their jobs, but to improve the lives of their customers in the process. I have personally experienced Hobaica’s service in North Phoenix and It was an amazing experience from the initial call into the CSR to the tech in the home giving us tips on saving energy and offering to do services for free because it's something he can do quickly and doesn't feel it's necessary to charge. That first hand customer experience coupled with seeing the amazing leadership with Andy and father Lou Hobaica make us big fans of Hobaica Services.THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY TO THE TOP!

This article was published by Dr. Anissa Villegas, co-owner of Marketing with a Flair. Marketing with a Flair is an award winning, full service marketing agency focused on helping Home Service businesses grow profitably. To learn more, email

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