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Ignite Your Engagement: The Best Social Media Posts for Home Service Companies

Home Service Social Media Tips

Are you at a place where you want to start using social media for your business, but don’t even know where to start? Here are a few key types of posts that increase engagement and customer interaction:


These are a great tool to show your relevance and connect with your target audience. The best thing to do is decide which social media platform your target audience uses the most often, and check out what memes are trending. You can even make your own memes in Canva (or Photoshop for the pros)! Even responding (in a professional manner) to your customers with a funny and trendy comment is a good way to build client relationships.

Check out as a great resource to create funny memes.

HVAC Memes

Customer Testimonials

Let Your Customers Do the Talking! This shows that you are listening to your customer’s feedback and improving your home service business. It also helps to maintain a positive reputation of your company. People rely heavily on reviews to make decisions about which product they buy, and you want your customers to make you their first choice.

Community Involvement

People love when companies give back to the community. It's important to show your business is involved in the community you serve. Take some photos and videos of any community events, donation opportunities and volunteer events with your team. This could range from donating Trane units to a officer hurt in the line of duty like Duke of Air did [ ], team volunteering at Habitat for Humanity or even wearing pink boot covers for Breast Cancer Month and donating a portion of sales of a local nonprofit. People want to see YOUR team, not just a company logo or stock images.

AC company Dukes of Air Gives Back to Community Officer-Sean-Stoddard-and-Wife-Rebecca

Team Recognition

It’s important to honor your employees and ensure that they feel valued. Posting a spotlight about one of your techs with a photo and bio also helps your customers to get to know your team and the faces that they will interact with. Your tech should have a big smile on their face to show that they are happy with where they work, because this will help with recruiting more people to join your team. Not only that, but the friends and family of the tech you are honoring will see the post and may even book with your business or refer to people they know for scheduling appointments or even career opportunities.

Before & After photos

Witness the Magic! Training your techs to take a before and after photo of their work is essential, because this will literally show people what service they would be getting if they booked an appointment right then and there. Photos of the techs onsite can also be a great customer engagement opportunity. These photos help to show the quality of your work to your target audience. The best way to do this is to download the tech’s photos directly from your CRM like

Seasonal Tips and Promotions

Stay Relevant and Attractive! Create your social media posts to the seasons, holidays and social holidays (hashtag holidays). Share tips, advice, or promotions that are relevant. This strategy keeps your content fresh, engages your audience throughout the year, and positions your company as a reliable partner in all seasons and social days. Be your customers’ resource!

HVAC Social Media

Holiday posts

Holidays are also crucial to optimizing your social media feed, because it provides a way for people to find your posts via hashtags and keyword searches. You can share “Hashtag Holidays” along with national holidays to increase relevance, relatability, and engagement.


In a fast-paced online environment, grabbing attention within seconds is key. GIFs, with their animated and funny nature, serve as attention-grabbing magnets. Adding GIFs in your social media posts allows you to capture your audience's interest, making them more likely to stop scrolling and engage with your content and overall, make you more relatable.

Ready to be adventurous, create your own GIFs here:

Social media is always going to be around and provides so many lead and branding opportunities, so it is crucial that you develop and enhance your feed to get noticed. Here at Marketing With A Flair, we guarantee to provide professional services so that your business stands out in a busy digital landscape. For more information, visit our Contact Us page.


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